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What Is Mobile Detailing? How Does It Work?

Mobile detailing is a comprehensive cleaning, restoration, and finishing procedure on a vehicle to achieve cleanliness and a high gloss finish. These days however, it can be hard to find the time to take your car to a shop to get a full service done. Mobile detailing is a convenient option which will save you time and money in the long run.

However, some automobile owners are still not sure what mobile detailing is! Why is mobile detailing important? How much does it cost? What are the procedures involved? Let Forza Auto Care give you some advice and answer all your questions about mobile detailing in this article.

what is mobile detailing

How does mobile detailing work?

Mobile detailing provides you with more than just a standard car wash. It offers reconditioning of your vehicle from top to bottom, exterior to interior, with additional professional procedures to safeguard your automobile’s appearance and durability for years to come, and the best part? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home! The detailing team will come to your home or place of business to get the job done.

Interior detailing

Interior detailing makes for a pleasant driving experience. A car’s interior should always be attractive, hygienic and have a fresh odor. Standard interior detailing processes include:

Vacuuming: Cleaning the seats, headliners, back cargo area, trunk, and the shelf is the first part of the process in sanitizing the inside of a vehicle. An air compressor may be employed for difficult-to-reach locations that a vacuum cannot reach.

Disinfecting and Steaming: Sanitizing upholstery, carpets, and surfaces results in a germ and stain free finish inside the interior. Additionally, the AC system, dashboard, steering wheel, center console, and cup holders are disinfected to remove unpleasant odors from the vehicle, leaving that ‘new car smell’ we all know and love!

Glass cleaning: Using non-ammonia window detergent and a microfiber cloth, wipe all visible glass, including the windshield, side and back windows, and rear-view mirror, ensuring that all windows are streak free, offering optimum visibility for the driver and passengers.

Exterior detailing

Exterior detailing makes the automobile shine like new, eliminating surface scratches. The procedure includes washing, drying, claying, and polishing.

Washing and Drying: This first step involves a comprehensive cleaning with quality and specialized detailing materials to eliminate any road grime, mud, debris, and other forms of surface junk. Detailers wash your vehicle with a microfiber wash mitt and a neutral pH shampoo then dry with a clean microfiber towel to avoid scratches and clearcoat erosion.

Claying: Before polishing, the vehicle’s paintwork is rubbed with a clay bar to eliminate stubborn stains that detergents cannot remove.

Polishing: Polishing your vehicle will smooth out the exterior’s surface to enhance your vehicle’s shine and brightness. Apply the polishing compound to the foam pad of a dual-action orbital polisher and work in small sections. Add more polishing products as necessary and buff until a surface gloss is achieved. Verify by checking how different paints reflect light.

what is mobile detailing

Why is mobile detailing important?

Mobile detailing benefits not only your vehicle but it is also super convenient! Here are some of the advantages of mobile detailing that you should know:

Comfort and convenience: With mobile detailing, you can be confident that your service will be completed punctually and efficiently by the crew at Forza Auto Care. Our team of detailing professionals will come to YOU and not the other way around, saving you time, energy and money!

Prolong the vehicle’s lifespan: Mobile detailing services prolong the vehicle’s lifespan. Dust on interior surfaces often causes deterioration. We thoroughly clean your vehicle’s upholstery, seats, and carpet to remove spilled liquids, filth, and dust, which helps preserve the automobile’s gloss and enhances its life. Similar to the interior, the exterior paint will last longer with brightness and fewer scratches when maintained correctly. Regular appointments for mobile detailing will assist in avoiding excessive damage to the vehicle.

Eliminates health hazards: Dust and other germs may get into your car’s ventilation system and settle on the carpet and upholstery. Detailing an automobile will eliminate these contaminants,  reducing allergies and environmental toxins.

How much does mobile detailing cost?

Depending on your requirements, mobile detailing services will be charged at varied rates. The location where you live, the size and condition of your vehicle and the types of service you choose will all affect the price of your mobile detailing service . A mobile detailing shop setting a low price does not mean they give substandard services however! While searching for the best price and affordability, evaluating the quality of the services against price is recommended.

Forza Auto Care is an ideal option if you’re seeking trusted mobile detailing services from a local business with a great reputation! We offer mobile detailing services of excellent quality with a full range of car detailing packages to suit your needs! If you are always busy and simply don’t have the time to take your vehicle to a detail center, then let our team come to your home or place of work to do the job for you!  Call us at (908) 329-2389 now to schedule an appointment or get a free quote, or visit 154 Center Street Clinton, New Jersey 08809.

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