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Ceramic Coating vs Traditional vs Sealant Wax: Which is better?

Ceramic coating, Traditional wax, or Sealant Wax are three ways to protect the car paint surface. Have you ever thought about what they are different from? Which option is best? How can it value your vehicle? In this article, Forza Auto Care will give you the answers.

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What makes a ceramic coating different from conventional or sealant wax?

Do you know how a ceramic coating differs from traditional or sealed wax? Not even a car expert can answer. Keep reading to understand better the best way to protect your car paint protection.


Waxing is among the most popular ways to enhance paint protection and glosses worldwide. Waxing has many benefits, some of which can be mentioned: wax helps minimize damage from the sun and keeps contaminants from sticking around, making the car look brilliant, cleaning the car even more accessible, and keeping it cleaner longer.

Wax has benefits but also disadvantages. Since wax occurs naturally, it must be reapplied frequently as they rapidly deteriorate. In addition, wax is very expensive.


Sealant is usually much more durable than natural wax and provides better protection against high temperatures, chemical detergents, acid rain, bird droppings, and mud. 

The sealant lasts longer than wax. Compared to wax, it has a longer life. Paint sealants usually last four to six months, while wax lasts only two months. 

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Ceramic coating

Applying a ceramic layer has several advantages! They add an extra defense against oxidation and fading, especially from the sun’s rays. These coatings also effectively repel water, which can stop rusting. More contaminant- and water-repellent protection will be provided for your car.

Also, just the gloss alone gives your vehicle a brand-new appearance. With the proper care and upkeep, a ceramic coating might last between two and five years. Many expert ceramic coatings offer a lifetime guarantee.

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What are advantages of Ceramic coating?

You can find a powerful solution in anything that includes chemical ingredients. The same is valid for ceramic coating, which, once applied, is both permanent and simpler to clean. In addition to the obvious ones, here are a few other justifications for using it in your car:

Defense Against Dangerous UV Rays

You can only speculate about the harm the sun’s dangerous UV rays can cause to the paintwork on your car. Ceramic coating will shield your car’s paint from oxidation, keeping it from fading and taking on a lifeless appearance. This is crucial if you leave your automobile in an outside parking space.

Defense Against Chemical Stains

Another potential problem for your car is chemical stains brought on by acidic airborne particles. These contaminants won’t be able to adhere to the paint because of a coating. Ceramic coating can be a significant relief, especially with the city’s air pollution rate steadily rising.

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Hydrophobicity and Cleaning Ease

Washing your automobile becomes a hassle when it comes to waxing and other detailing. You don’t have to be concerned about the polymer eroding with ceramic covering. (Incidentally, another procedure, including polishing and wet-sanding, is necessary to thoroughly remove it.)

It blends perfectly with the paint of your automobile and also repels water. In other words, all dirt and filth that contains water will bead on the surface and finally slip off. After a brief jet wash, you’ll have a pristine, youthful-looking car.

Sugar-like Gloss

All automobile owners will like the attractiveness of this area. Similar to a car bra, a ceramic coating adds gloss and depth to your car’s paint. Your automobile will appear glossy, bringing out the best in the original paint job.

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Ceramic coating is beneficial than sealant and traditional wax. It has many advantages over others. Ceramic coating can protect the exterior of your car’s paint away from these contaminants and other factors from the environment.

Forza Auto Care in Clinton, NJ, is an ideal option for ceramic coating application. Our team has a big passion for protecting your vehicle in top notch condition. Schedule your time and call Forza Auto Care via +1 908-329-2389 or visit 154 St Center, Clinton, NJ 08809, USA, for detailed support.

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